Small Business Marketing Basics

Welcome to The Marketing Cookbook!

Here are some basic Marketing tips to help get the most out of your Marketing Campaign.

Step 1: Website

Kaspian web page

The most important step is having a website. Make sure it is clean, professional and relevant to your company.

WordPress: There are plenty of platforms out there that allow you to create websites for free but WordPress would be a personal favourite. Simply create a profile and follow the steps to get started. For businesses with more of a budget I would recommend paying extra to choose a theme with the option of SEO plugins. SEO plugins will help elevate your website up the google ladder which is extremely important to gain traffic to your business. Keep your website simple but include lots of relevant content about what you do and most importantly, make it easy for your client to get the information they are after!

  • Include who you are
  • What you do?
  • When you do it?
  • Where you do it?
  • Why you do it?
  • And how you do it differently.

Google loves content so the more you put in it the more likely you will work you way to the top of the list.

Here are a list of WordPress Websites to gain inspiration from:


Step 2: Create a Google Business Account


It is so important to create a Google Business account – and it is easy to set up. It can take time to be verified as they have to mail out a confirmation card so make sure you do it as soon as possible. Effectively a Google Business account will allow you to have a Google Business Profile. It allows your business to skip the search engine queue and have your business profile at the top of the page.

Here’s a link on how to get started


Step 3: Social Media


Get on it!

Don’t shrug Social Media off as a way to market your business, it it powerful very powerful as there are over 2.19 billion Facebook users alone.

It’s easy, Just create a Business page upload your contact details and away you go.

It is the cheapest way of reaching new customers. It’s is a way of connecting to your customers  through engaging content and show your companies values.

The two most important sites are Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is the most important place to set up an account as it has the most active users out of any site and is one of the most low cost advertising platforms there is. An advertisement as low as $20 being able to reach thousands of potential customers.

Here are some great examples of small businesses with social media accounts.


Instagram; a photography based site is also a great way to show off your company, it allows your business to be creative and show people what projects your business has been up to on in a visual way.

Here are some great examples of small business Instagram accounts


Other social Media Accounts businesses should set up

  • YouTube: if you have video content about your business  then this is the best platform to use
  • LinkedIn: A platform used to network with other businesses
  • Snapchat: A more casual app that allows you to share daily content


Step 4: Blog

Once you have all this set up create a blog!

If you have the time or money to pay someone to make a blog for your site make sure you do it.

Blogs allow you to drive traffic through your site from people that may not even use you business. It may sound strange but the more people going through your site the higher your google ranking will be. If you’re a mechanic, create a simple how to guide on how to change your wipers, if you own a restaurant start creating simple cooking recipes ect. It’s easy to do and is the best way of driving traffic through your site.

Step 5: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google will scan business for the best content, technical set-up and reach of your website so it is extremely important to have good SEO.

How Can I Start to improve this:

  • As I have stated, set up a simple well constructed website. If your website looks old chances are people will think your businesses is outdated as well. WordPress is a simple and cost effective solution. For around  $20 a year you will have yourself a clean and refreshing website.
  • Key Words make sure your content in your website hits all the words that people would type into google to find your product or service. Use these wold multiple times as google will prefer your site over one that mentions it once.
  • Update your website weekly google search prefers websites that are constently updated so do it.
  • Link your website to all your social media accounts it also helps your SEO

Step 6: Email Marketing

Email has been around a while now and it’s still one of the best ways to connect with your customers as long as you do it right. You should start to create a date-base of customer emails and send out deals and specials that you think they would be interested in. Make sure you use this technique wisely and don’t spam customers with emails.




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