How should my Business Advertise?

Businesses are all asking the same question, which platforms should I use to advertise?

Here we will take a look at the different method’s that are right for you.

Social Media

Social Media is now trending to be one of the most popular ways for small businesses to Market. There are now 50 million Facebook Business pages with an approximate of 94% of businesses in the US using Facebook to advertise their business (Sproutsocial).

How should I start to advertise on social Media?

Now businesses should start off using Facebook and Instagram. The key to being successful on social media is posting content everyday and trying to engage your followers not trying to sell your product. If your lacking engagement you can use Facebooks boost feature to reach a broader audience. Both Facebook and Instagram allow you to posts advertisements that are directed straight back to your web page. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site.


Using google Adwords  can be an expensive way to advertise but it is extremely effective. It is well targeted at consumers looking for your product or service.

Print Advertising

Why is print still a good choice? Many of us ask this question and the real answer is we trust it! It is a respectable and trustworthy way to advertise. If your company has the budget it is worth doing. Numerous studies suggest that print has higher engagement levels then online advertising (Forbes).

Why should I use Print Advertising?

  • Higher Levels of engagement
  • It’s a respectable way to advertise
  • Helps build your brand image

T.V and Radio

Why do large corporations still use T.V and radio as a method for advertising? The reason is they still work! T.V and Radio still capture a huge audience the average person still watches TV for 5 hours a day(CNBC). While younger viewer are using alternative methods such as streaming older views still use T.V as they main source of News and entertainment. Radio is much the same but can be a lot more affordable then T.V.

When should I use T.V Advertising?

  • If you are targeting older Audiences over 40+
  • If you want a high amount of engagement in your advertising campaign
  • If you want to use the most credible source of advertising
  • It is a great long term strategy for building your brand


Flyers are still one of the best ways to advertise, people like using a service that they know is local and privately owned. If your a small business and you want to target a certain area do a flyer drop it is proven to be extremely effective.

Why should I use flyers to advertise?

  • Affordable
  • Great for small businesses
  • Geographically Targeted
  • Shows that your company is locally owned



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